Charging Manual

Mennekes Amtron

The Mennekes Amtron wallbox offers both type 1 and type 2 AC connections. Please note that the actual charging speed depends on the vehicle model and the available charging power of the respective station. 

Charging via Customer Card


  • Hold your OMV E-Mobility Card up to the card reader.
  • Connect the charging cable to your vehicle (if necessary also to the charging socket on the wallbox).
  • The charging process starts automatically. 

Note: If the charging process does not start within 60 seconds, you will have to reconnect with your OMV E-Mobility Card.

Note:  If charging does not start within 60 seconds, you must reconnect with your OMV E-Mobility Card. 


  • Press the STOP Button to finish the charging process.
  • Disconnect the charging cable from the vehicle (if necessary also from the charging socket on the wallbox).
  • It is not necessary to hold the OMV E-Mobility Card up to the card reader again.

Note: If there is a multifunctional button or stop button, you can also press it (approximately 10 mm) to stop the charging process.

Important note

  • Important note: For the charging socket type 2 with shutter, insert the plug into the charging socket with a precise fit and then turn it counterclockwise by 60° to open the shutter, after which it can be fully inserted into the socket.
  • Important note: For the type 1 charging coupler, press the release button to unplug.
  • The safety check between vehicle and wallbox can take up to 30 seconds.
  • If the charging process is started via your mobile phone, it must also be terminated via your mobile phone. A combination of different activation methods (customer card, mobile phone) is not possible.
  • INCIDENTS: In case of incidents please contact the service hotline +43 5 0313 51855.