Charging Manual

ABB Terra HP

The ABB Terra high-power charger has CCS and CHAdeMO charging connections. This means that your electric car can be recharged with up to 350 kW in a very short time. The actual charging speed depends on the vehicle model and the available charging power of the respective station. 

Charging via customer card


  • Touch the display to start the charging process.
  • Select the outlet that you require on the display.
  • Insert the plug into the charging socket on the vehicle until it clicks. –
  • Press the START button on the display. After a successful connection check, the system will ask for authentication with your OMV E-Mobility Card. Hold your OMV E-Mobility Card up to the card reader and wait for another connection check.
  • The charging process will start and the battery charge level, remaining charging time, supplied kWh and expired charging time will be shown on the display.


  • Press the STOP button.
  • If the system will ask for authentication once again, hold your OMV E-Mobility Card up to the card reader and wait for another connection check.
  • Disconnect the charging cable from the vehicle. 

Important note

  • The security check between the vehicle and charging station can take up to 30 seconds.
  • If the charging process is started via your mobile phone, it must also be terminated via your mobile phone. A combination of different activation methods (customer card, mobile phone) is not possible.
  • INCIDENTS: In case of incidents please contact the service hotline +43 5 0313 51855.