Charging manual

Delta Charger HP

The Delta Charger HP is a universal charging station for charging up to four electric or hybrid vehicles. The ultra-fast charger provides different standards for charging connections: CCS, CHAdeMO, AC type 2 cable/plug with 43 kW and AC type 2 socket with 22 kW for self carried charging cables. Please note that the actual charging speed depends on the vehicle model and the available charging power of the respective station. 

Charging via customer card


  • Select the type of plug you require and connect the plug to the vehicle.
  • Hold the OMV E-Mobility Card to the card reader and wait for the further connection check.
  • The charging process will start automatically and the display will inform you during the charging process about the charging type, battery, remaining charging time, delivered kWh and the charging power in kW.

Note: After 60 seconds without user interaction, the screen will return to the main menu.


  • Hold the OMV E-Mobility Card to the card reader again.
  • The menu for the current charging process will be displayed automatically. Press the "STOP CHARGING" button.
  • Disconnect the plug and place it back in the holder of the charging station.

Important note

  • Some car types require lock out of the central locking system to start charging. Opening the car door can also cause termination of the charging session. If your car is charged with CHAdeMO plug you can’t use the CCS plug - and vice versa.
  • Identification and security check between your car and the charging station might take up to 30 seconds. 
  • If the charging session cannot be stopped via your smartphone (e.g. in case of interrupted mobile network) you can unlock the CCS or Type 2 plug via your car. The charging process ends automatically.
  • INCIDENTS: In case of incidents please contact the service hotline +43 5 0313 51855.